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Winterizing the Hardy Fern Foundation’s Hoop House

Yesterday, the Hardy Fern Foundation had a work party to get the hoop house winterized – that is covered in plastic.

I’m fairly new to the activities and workings of the Foundation, so some of my observations might be “duh” to some, and may be even less-than-accurate to others.  Nevertheless, here’s some background as I understand it.  Comments and corrections welcome!  Add them below!

Last winter (and the winter before, and the winter before…) we had a very cold winter in the Pacific Northwest, and an especially early frost that did significant damage to many of the ferns in the Foundation’s Nursery.  The new, really wonderful, hoop house was built this year (?).  Now, it needs some winter protection.   Just in time, since some possible frost has been forecast for the next few days.  (Yikes. What’s up with that?)

A group of hardy souls met yesterday, in the rain, to cover the hoop house.  They unrolled the plastic, tied ropes to its edges in about 4 places – camping style, threw the ropes over the top of the house, and pulled the plastic over the top from the other side.  Very impressive.  Then the plastic was put over the ends of the house and secured with “wiggly wire” and fir stripping.  The doors on one end were framed in lathe, so the plastic can be cut and the doors opened.  I wasn’t on hand for the entire process, being in a group of volunteers happily weeding away on some nursery stock, but here are some pictures of the very successful activities.  (I did get a chance to cut some of the fir stripping with a saw that one person characterized as a butter knife – but with old wet wood that saw worked for me!)

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