A Life of Varied Endeavors

Thank you authors, and the King County Library

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A goal of mine in 2013 has been to begin an art education that I think has been sorely lacking all my life.  I went to a “college preparatory” high school (I don’t know if they still call things that), my father was a banker, and I became a CPA.  “Art” in all it’s forms has not been a large part of my life, except as wishful thinking.  Yes, I’ve dabbled in things and been creative.  I’m not discounting all the wonderful things I’ve made.

But I want to understand concepts, rules, contexts, techniques, materials.  It’s like going back to the start. This year I’ve begun to understand what “visual language” means; I now can tell ultramarine blue from cobalt blue, and sap green from perylene green; I know what “value” means to an artist, rather than a politician; and I have a new use for the concept of “tone” other than “tone of voice”.  I’m sure I’ve learned a thousand new things, and I have a long ways to go.  My art education involves study and practice, with a self-designed meandering, immersive approach. And it’s a little choosy: so far I haven’t caused myself a lot of pain and heartache!

A tremendous amount of help has come from books.  I’ve borrowed dozens from the library.  The pictures above include books I currently have on loan.  I’ve been able to download some electronically (borrow from the library, read in Kindle and other apps).  A few of the above I’ve owned for quite a while; a couple of them are now permanently here, since they were so meaningful I ended up buying them.  Honestly, I try not to buy any of them, for the money and the space, but almost all of the ones I borrow would be worth owning.

I think that writing and publishing books is often a thankless and unprofitable task in the end (or so I’ve sometimes heard from authors), but I want to THANK all the people who do write these books and share their knowledge and expertise.  What you do is invaluable!

And thanks to the King County Library, one of the best in the country.  I paid our property taxes recently, and using the pie chart included with the bill, I estimated that we pay about $99 a year for the library.  That seems to be a tremendous “value” ( :) ) compared to, say, the size of a monthly cell phone bill!

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  1. Tina says:

    I like your self-designed approach to art education — very similar to mine. I see a lot of the same books in our stacks! I’m at my neighborhood branch of the Seattle Public Library almost daily. A great value, indeed.

  2. nancy says:

    And yesterday I discovered Zinio! Some great magazines available for reading or downloading with no borrowing time limit. Available from both KCLS and the Seatte Public Library. I “borrowed” several issues of American Craft. Wow.

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