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Repousse Pitch Has Arrived

The pitch I ordered from Northwest Pitchworks arrived.  As expected it was in milk cartons – two lumps totalling 7 lbs – and with instructions on how to break it up and melt it.
pitch in the box

Pitch in the Box

I’d been thinking about purchasing all the things needed to do chasing and repousse in my own studio – ruminating on it for months.  There were several reasons to hesitate:  cost, more Stuff being acquired, more chemicals and processes to accommodate, and missing some community time at the Pratt studios.  But it finally came down to putting more flow into my work process:  being able to execute ideas or test them on the fly, or even completing pieces that just needed a bit more work.

With the holidays, it took a few days to get in touch, but Northwest Pitchworks’ sent me my 7 pounds of medium pitch in one day.  I’ve worked with their pitch at Pratt and like it a lot.  And it’s certainly the local favorite.

The pitch bowl arrived today as well.  With the starter set of chasing tools I ordered from the MettleWorks in Minnesota (my Christmas present to myself), I’m excited to put it all together tomorrow.