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Tina’s Opening and a New-to-Me Gallery

Yesterday David and I attended the opening of a group exhibit that my friend Tina Koyama is in. Tina’s work in this show is watercolors and collages, not the beadwork and sculpture that we are used to seeing.
Tina's Watercolors and Collages

Tina's Watercolors and Collages

david, penny, greg, and tina at oasis opening

David K., Penny K., Greg, and Tina at Oasis Opening

Other artists in the exhibit are showing work in acrylics and photography.  One, Paul Lewing, is the author of a book I recently read during my enamels research, “China Paint & Overglaze”; he’s also working in acrylics now.

The Oasis Art Gallery has an eclectic mix of work from many artists.  The space is comfortable and friendly, and, for me, the joy and satisfaction that the artists experience in making their creations comes through pretty clearly.  There is enthusiasm in the work.

david in the oasis front gallery

David in the Oasis Front Gallery

A BAM Visit

david outside of the bam

David Outside of the BAM

David and I went to see some exhibits at the Bellevue Arts Museum; the ceramics show, BAM Biennial 2010: Clay Throwdown!, is due to close in a few days.  That was a good show – things to like, and not so much.  Of course. 

 Most interesting (wonderful, wow!) is a solo show of April Surgent’s 14-foot wide “mural” style glass engraving.  It’s composed of over a hundred 6 x 12” pieces of layered glass, engraved and looking like photographs.  It’s really worth seeing.  Even the “armature” holding the mural in place is amazing and impressive.  Check out her site for pictures of the work and her process.  April Surgent.