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June Little Altars – Simple Summer Collage

Little Altars - Summer Collage for June (2 of 2)Still catching up on the months of Little Altar projects.  Here’s what happened in June, as I wrote it back then.

This month I was inspired by a few things:  An earring that David found on the road on our morning walk.  It had obviously been run over, and though the wire was mashed, the main part was in pretty good shape and seems to be well made. I like it!

I’ve also been inspired by some collage art work in my dentist’s office.  I’ve had the opportunity to see it a few times (!), and he’s got good taste!  I haven’t tried any collage for decades, but this work made me want to approach it again.  My project this month looks nothing like the piece by Carrie Kaufman, but the mounted copper wire attachment is a pretty direct inspiration.  What I’ve found on-line by Carrie is not as delectable (to me) as the large piece I saw in person.

Lastly, it’s summer.  The hand and basket remind me of gathering flowers and harvests.  The warm colors of the basket, and the branch covered with moss tell me it’s inviting to go outside.  It’s Easy Time.  We are enjoying fresh greens, and radishes from the seeds that Peg sent. They are delish!Little Altars - Summer Collage for June (1 of 2)

Early summer from the Garden

Beans, Peas, Radishes (1 of 1) P1040982It’s time for some new peas, green beans, and purple beans (though they look black in the picture and in real life.  And that’s a radish that Peg the Queen sent seeds for and David the Magician grew.  Some days, this is what life is about!

Beauty in Decline – Part 2

Purple Brussel Sprouts on Christmas Eve

Purple Brussel Sprouts on Christmas Eve

More beautiful things in our garden in early winter. It’s hard to tell that this impressive plant is almost 6 feet tall, but you can see that it’s top-heavy! The colors just kept getting more vibrant as the light of the season got lower.

Dramatic colors - purple brussel sprout in decline

Dramatic colors – purple brussel sprout in decline

There should only be one Hubbard squash in anyone’s back yard

Backyard Hubbard Squash

Backyard Hubbard Squash

Oh my!  I think this baby is coming in at about 30 pounds!?  Thank heavens there was only one!

This Hubbard squash has had a select spot this year, sort of a trophy spot.  Perfect for growing and showing.  This picture was taken about a month ago – I think it’s a little bigger now!

Yes, David is a fantastic vegetable grower.  But couldn’t we have celeriac instead?

Manoa Lettuce in Bellevue

I grew up eating Manoa lettuce in Honolulu.  It was the best fresh vegetable available, and almost the only one that was truly local. (In the stores even bananas mostly came from central or south America, even though they were growing all over Oahu.)  Manoa lettuce is an outstanding leaf lettuce!!

It’s never seen in the stores on the Mainland, as far as I know – I’ve never seen it.  But a couple of months ago, we found seeds in our newly relocated Uwajimaya store (where Larry’s used to be.)

And David, the fantastic vegetable gardener, started some seeds.  Here is a picture of the beautiful Manoa lettuce head that we picked last night, and enjoyed thoroughly!Manoa Lettuce in Bellevue 750pw P1030509-3