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Pratt Fine Arts – still being introduced

Pratt Red Tool Cabinet 2009

Pratt Red Tool Cabinet 2009

Yesterday I had lunch with a long-time friend who has lived in Seattle for even longer than I have (which is about 28 years, even though it’s really Bellevue on this side of the lake.)  I hadn’t seen her for a while.  While we were catching up on our lives, I mentioned that I’d been taking classes and getting involved with Pratt for the past few years.  She hadn’t heard of Pratt.  I guess this isn’t so surprising, since she works alot.  Over the years I’ve decided that working is her hobby, because that’s all she does except for some travelling and taking French classes.  She’s not a make things, creative kind of person.

But it occurred to me that more people might be in her position, so I decided to post a couple of pictures I took of the Pratt Jewelry and Metals Studio 1 on my first day there -the visual that grabbed me when I walked in.  Check out Pratt’s web site for all their art class offerings in a broad range of media.

Pratt JM1 2009

Pratt JM1 2009

By the way, we had lunch at Piatti in University Village – chosen specifically for their gluten free menu offerings.  They serve Manini’s gluten free pasta.  My first of this at a restaurant, but I had some of their fresh pasta at home this week, without knowing that it was what Piatti serves.  Man, is that stuff great!  Even my wheat-eating husband was impressed.

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  1. Tina says:

    Hi Nancy! Been a while since I caught up on your blog, and here I find a gluten-free restaurant recommendation that the spouse-man will be happy to hear about! Love your new metalwork!


    • nancy says:

      Hello to you, too, Tina! By the way, Manini’s sells the flour for their pasta, and a few other flour mixes for breads, in grocery stores (so far seen in Your Local Market – YLM to me – and Whole Foods), and at the University Farmers Market and West Seattle Farmers Market. Haven’t made anything yet, or tried their fresh items at the markets, but all of this is on my list!

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