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Painting the Spirit


Prepping copper – blank slate


I’m reading a book by Ellen Eagle: Pastel Painting Atelier.  It’s lovely to read and beautiful to look at (even if I am looking at it on an iPad.) I plan on saying more about it later, as it is full of beautiful insights.  Her paintings touch me deeply. Her writing is  beautiful.

Recently, Tina Koyama posted two sketches she did, and mused that one of them seemed to capture her subject’s essence, while the other didn’t.  I thought of that when I read Ellen Eagle’s book.  In discussing genres, she says (my excerpt),

“No matter what genre an artist works in, the task at hand is to weave a seamless fabric of form and content.  The content is the feeling that stirs within the artist, inspired by the subject. The form is the shape the artist finds to convey the vibration of feeling.  …. The way the artist orders the shapes and color conveys the spirit of the event and the relationship of the parts to the whole.  A great painter is always painting the spirit.”

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  1. Ellen Eagle says:

    Hello Nancy, I just happened upon your blog, and your comments about my work and book. Thank you so much! Your bead work is gorgeous. Best to you, Ellen

    • nancy says:

      Hi Ellen, Thank you for finding my blog and your compliment of my beadwork. I’m fascinated by your book and your work. I think I’m more “touched” by your paintings than any other I’ve ever seen. Nancy

      • Ellen Eagle says:

        Wow, that means so much to me, Nancy. I sincerely thank you. I will look at your works on Etsy often. Congratulations on your really beautiful designs, which have a graceful and delicate spirit of their own.

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