A Life of Varied Endeavors

How This Blog Began

Hi Tina,

Seems like months since Monday.  A long week – Busy Season full on, in fits and starts, I guess.

I wouldn’t search out my blog right now!  Still much learning to do.  The main impetus for starting it was that I stumbled on to someone’s blog through a search about chasing and repousse at Christmas – he had just posted an entry and it popped up in Google.  Turns out the blog is about 5 yrs old, and I just felt really comfortable with his style and approach.  Fairly laid back, infrequent, unassuming, interesting, varied.  I thought, I like this, and I might want to do something like this for myself and my friends, family, other interested people.  Sort of a way of coming out of hibernation, if it’s time for that. 

So I may run out of things to say, as you mentioned, but if my approach is low key, I think it’ll be okay. Maybe it will lead to more things.

Anyway, this actually seems like a good introduction to my blog, now that I’ve written it.   I may just cut and paste it as a blog entry.

That’s the background – I’ll let you know when it seems like it’s fairly up and running.

Have a great weekend,


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