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Color out the Grey – Fall 2013

Deck Color and Edibles Fall 2013 (1 of 3)We’ve had a TON of fog this fall.  Grey, windless days, and DRY!  But some of the colors have been amazing.  I have certain plants in my garden that were selected specifically for their fall colors.  My favorite is a disanthus cercidifolius that gets more sun than is usually recommended (it’s normally a shade-loving shrub).  In the middle of the day in high summer, it gets pretty strong sun but late afternoon shade. It’s been arborized to be a single trunk, and its 10 or 12 feet tall.  It grows near the side of a deck, so we see the top very close up.  With large planters built-in to the deck, there are certain times when we get a showcase picture.  This year, grass and a savoy cabbage get this amazing backdrop.
Deck Color and Edibles Fall 2013 (2 of 3)



Just to the right of this display is a nandina (with pretty blossoms at the moment) that wants to take over some space. Looks nice now, but it will get pruned….

If you like fall color, disanthus cercidifolius is a plant you might love!  It blooms (discretely) early in spring, and colors up early in the fall. Thanks, Miller Garden, for the Fall Color class that introduced me to it several years ago!Deck Color and Edibles Fall 2013 (3 of 3)

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