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August Little Altars – A feather, some brass, some copper

August Little Altars Project-3 After all the ideas and iterations that I went through, I’m not sure what inspired me for August’s Little Altars spot!  There was that feather. I kept wanting to use it, to play with it.  It’s off a larger piece of feather trim that I have, but it’s been on its own for quite a while.  More delicate and enchanting as one than among many.  And then there was the TEENY scrap of 80 mesh brass screen I found from somewhere, but couldn’t find any more, so I had to go buy some more.  Luckily, I found it in a real brick and mortar store, so my ideas could progress.

Originally, I was going to use a right-angle weave beaded heart in this month’s spot (a sweet little thing I’m still very fond of), but things evolved.  So I think what inspired me in the end was the process.  The process of evaluating my choices, listening to my aesthetic, and sensing the right and wrong and good and bad.  It was one tiny inspiration leading to another:  link, link, link.  One might ask, as my husband did, “What is it?”  I said, “It’s cute.”  Nothing more, just that I like it.

I added the little leaves because I liked the spark they provided and I had the opportunity to use them (link, link). They are cut out of copper, primed with Daniel Smith watercolor ground, and colored with watercolor. I used copper tabs on the back to fasten them. More experiments with color on metal; this one is fun.

August Little Altars-1

August Little Altars process

August Little Altars Project-2

August Little Altars

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  1. Tina says:

    Watercolor on metal?? You’re a mixed-media diva! Intriguing!

    – Tina

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