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April Little Altars

Little Altars April (1 of 3)For several months I’ve been inspired to use these little paper flowers. I believe they are mulberry paper, and not the kind of thing that I usually find in my travels or surround myself with. I bought them several years ago, and re-discovered them in a drawer. (I find it very happy and convenient to find serious inspiration by rummaging through my own drawers!) This month’s spot was the perfect opportunity to stack several of these, stitch them together, and top them with a handmade bead whose origin I’ve forgotten. And to be honest, one of the best things about my project this month was that it took very little time, and was not an experimental struggle! I’m going to miss my little blossom, and hope it’s happy in its new home.

Little Altars April (2 of 3)

 Little Altars April (3 of 3)


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