A Life of Varied Endeavors

Lit from behind - Red Glass VaseThis site is about things I love, things I’ve made, and things I’m exploring. And about unabashedly sharing certain things in a very public way. That’s saying something for this growing-ever-more-introverted person. But heck, we’re in the modern world, and this is the internet.

For a quite a while, my time and interests have been divided between beadwork, jewelry making, gardening, and earning a living (as a CPA). I’m really very fortunate. I have a wonderful husband, and we live in little place that often feels like it’s not downtown in the fifth largest city in the State of Washington (and only 10 minutes from the state’s largest city!) We share a love of cats and dogs, and in the last few years, fantastic home grown vegetables. No chickens yet though, so we’re still okay.

I’m originally from Hawaii, but the Pacific Northwest has been home for a long time. It’s a good fit here: not too hot, not too cold. The sky is usually the right color, and the humidity is usually perfect. We have lots of green here, and it’s near water and the ocean. Land is not completely surrounding me as far as the eye can see, and that’s important. Oh, and I like all the rain.

My story is still being worked out, and I’m still working out how to tell it. I think my day-to-day is the current telling. Time to get at it!