A Life of Varied Endeavors

A Right-Angle Weave Pendant

Right-angle weave is my favorite off-loom beadweaving stitch. But not the regular four-sided form. I love, free-form right-angle weave (RAW). I love the soft texture, the “hand” you can get. In this piece, I used beads of all the same size (11), but I also love to mix the sizes for maximun texture.

This is a two-sided heart pendant. Each side is formed independently and stitched to a length of rat-tail cording. It’s stuffed with a clear/a.b. shredded material (kind of like easter-basket grass), so it’s tranluscent when held up to the light. The stuffing adds a little fuzz when it pokes out. The heart hangs from an embellished ndebele (herringbone weave) cord.

This piece is just fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Are you a free form right-angle weave fan like me? How do you use it?

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