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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Repousse copper label – Chinese Pink garlic

Having a little fun, needing the practice, and needing to know which garlic is which next spring, I made this label a couple of weeks ago.  In theory, there will be three more!

Chinese Pink repousse copper label

Chinese Pink repousse copper label

Used my Northwest Pitchworks pitch, some of the tools I made in my Pratt class, some of the tools from MettleWorks, and a couple of hours of my precious time.  It was fun!

Learning to see, draw, visualize – jewelry rendering

I don’t have formal training in drawing, especially technical drawing and perspective. I’ve taken one or two drawing classes over time, and have always wanted to be able to draw, but either it hasn’t clicked, or not been important enough, or I just don’t look at things in a way that lets me SEE them.  

It’s becoming more important lately as I try to express ideas in jewelry, because it’s important to be able to visualize pieces, processes, and effects.  Working with silver is expensive these days, the time it takes to make a piece is not trivial, especially when you are just developing skills, and your ideas may not translate into reality very well if they’re not clearly thought out.  Even if there is still some intuitive and spontaneous work that can take place during execution, I’m finding the “making” process to be much more rewarding if I have a better idea in advance of where I’m heading.

So I borrowed a book from the library (through the very wonderful King County Library inter-library loan program) called Jewelry Illustration by Dominque Audette.  I worked with it and did some exercises – and it really helped me.  This is finally an approach I can mostly understand.  Check it out!  I recommend it to those who are willing to invest the time and concentration and who need these skills.  After I had to return it to the library, I decided to purchase it (Amazon).  I need alot more practice, but even the little bit I’ve done has helped my thought process.  Here are some pictures of my exercises.