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Manoa Lettuce in Bellevue

I grew up eating Manoa lettuce in Honolulu.  It was the best fresh vegetable available, and almost the only one that was truly local. (In the stores even bananas mostly came from central or south America, even though they were growing all over Oahu.)  Manoa lettuce is an outstanding leaf lettuce!!

It’s never seen in the stores on the Mainland, as far as I know – I’ve never seen it.  But a couple of months ago, we found seeds in our newly relocated Uwajimaya store (where Larry’s used to be.)

And David, the fantastic vegetable gardener, started some seeds.  Here is a picture of the beautiful Manoa lettuce head that we picked last night, and enjoyed thoroughly!Manoa Lettuce in Bellevue 750pw P1030509-3

Portfolio updated

I’ve updated the Portfolio on my Beadwork page today!  More to come….

Experimentation -!-

This is a piece I would have loved to sell or give to someone, but I’ve decided it’s too experimental.  Now I can enjoy it for what it is, and maybe wear it around.

The experiments include:

  • shaping an oddly shaped stray piece of copper for a pendant
  • soldering an odd shaped bail on the back
  • putting two odd enamel colors on the front
  • trying to enamel the back with a different color while leaving the bail bare
  • enameling hex seed beads on the front without melting them
  • making an inexpensive necklace to hang it from to avoid the cost – and perhaps wrong effect – of sterling silver
  • making a “clasp” that would echo the colors and feel of the pendant and seed beads.

This was one of those let-it-be things, in the end.  I love how the front of the pendant turned out. Mostly, for some reason, the enamel would not stay on the back, despite repeated tries and using proper solder on the bail.  But I like the rough and casual effect on the back as it turned out.

I do like the braided cord, and the glass bead dangles that make the “toggle”.

This piece came together over several months, and I’m glad it’s here, being what it is and nothing more.  Any thoughts or comments?  I’d love to hear them :).

Sammie's Hex Beads on Enamel Pendant

Sammie’s Hex Beads on Enamel Pendant

Beaded Daggers Toggle

Beaded Daggers Toggle

Toggle and Bail

Toggle and Bail

Experimentation Hex Beads on Enamel Pendant

Experimentation Hex Beads on Enamel Pendant